Blog 2 - March 2021

It's almost a year since I wrote Blog 1, so I thought the time was right for the follow-up. It's hard to believe, not to mention understand, all that has happened in the last 12 months. The world has changed, possibly irrevocably, hopefully not beyond repair.  

As I write these lines, there are rays of hope that restrictions are going to ease, that we will all be vaccinated and that, not insignificantly, venues will re-open and live gigs will return. Once that happens, I think I am not alone in believing that it will be a genuine breath of fresh air. Lord knows, we need it.  

For my part, I am straining at the leash to get back to my favorite Saturday afternoon haunt - Rockwood Music Hall on Manhattan's lower east side - which I truly hope will re-open sooner rather than later. I just love that place. I've seen so many wonderful musicians there.  

I've spent the past year recording my second album - still to be named - with the wonderful Tony Calabro at Astoria Park Recording in Queens. Tony - this guy. I've never seen anybody who can say, "I think we need a solo here," pick up the guitar, tear off an amazing improvised solo right on the spot, and then get back to recording. 60 seconds, tops. It's a lesson in excellence, not to mention humility (for me).  

This album has got 10 songs ranging from Americana/folkie stuff to straight ahead rock to some kind of gospel-infused thing. That song hasn't got any instruments on it, just voices, highlighted by the superlative Angie LeMar. It's a cool track. I hope you like it. Here's a link to another one of the tracks, just as a sneak preview. The album hasn't got a name, yet, But, once it's all ready I'm sure I'll write some other kind of blog, just to let everybody know. It should be a month or two. 

As for all the rest, I know all of my favorite local bands are getting ready to make music again very soon - Killdeer, Lady Picture Show, Reality's Dream, X-Ray Love, Op Ed and many more. Watch out for them. Live music is coming back. Can you hear it?  

Hope to see you soon.  


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