James O'Brien is an English-born, Irish-bred singer/songwriter based in New York City. His original music evokes classic rock, country, folk, indie and some stuff he doesn't know what it is. You can hear it all on his first and second albums, "That Smile," and "A Long Way From Seven Kings," released in April 2020 and June 2021, respectively. Click the link below to get an earful.


James O'Brien's first and second albums, That Smile and A Long Way From Seven Kings, containing all original music, were released in April 2020 and June 2021, respectively. You can listen and download by going to the Music page. You can also find these tracks and miscellaneous other stuff on his YouTube channel and Facebook page and, now and again, on Instagram. Please follow and like and subscribe and do all of that other stuff that makes no difference at all even though everybody thinks it does. If you would like the real CDs, just send James a note at jamesobrienmusicnyc@gmail.com.


Gigs! We got 'em! These days, it's mainly acoustic sets, either solo or with the amazing Angie LeMar. Mainly in and around New York City, but with the occasional foray farther afield, even overseas. Go to the Shows page to see all of the details. And then come out and see us. If you say "hello," more than likely I'll buy you beer. It has happened. For the record, Fat Fast Bobby, the band with which Angie and I also play is on hiatus right now. Bobby is not deceased, he is just resting and will be back soon. Stay tuned for more Bobby news.



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This is where is where you're going to find out about stuff. Possibly - in fact, most likely - it will be stuff that you won't need to know. It won't teach you CPR or how to fix your car or how to get your dream job. But it will tell you about James O'Brien's music, which is something that maybe - hopefully - you would like to know. Need and like are very different. This stuff is definitely like; which I hope you will. James O'Brien's various ramblings will be documented below. Click it. Click it good.