Blog 1 - April 2020

What do you call the first blog on your new web site? I've got no idea, so I called this one Blog 1. Keeping it real, as they say. The second thing you need for a first blog, after the title, is something to talk about; ideally, something to talk about that somebody will actually care to read. I got the first part done; I'm not convinced I'm ready for the second. The "caring to read" part, in case you've lost track - or interest - already. Truth is, I started populating this web site today, and now I'm running out of steam. Which is not to say that I'm not thrilled at how it's turned out - I love it - but, after a hard day pounding away on the old laptop, even the Bard would know when to call it a day. So, for that reason, I'll keep this brief.

This site is here to introduce you to my music, which I hope you will like - both the site and the music. I'll try to keep it updated and filled with whatever fascinating old stuff that I come across or that occurs to me; though, most of all I will try to populate it with music that you will enjoy. I'll try to keep it entertaining, from the blogs, to the photos, to the videos (eventually) to - most importantly - the music.

As I write this, we're all enduring the Corona crisis, isolated, though - it must be said - not alone. But we all know what the musicians are doing right now. They're inside their owns heads, deep, absorbing it all, letting it percolate and gestate. I know that when we emerge through the other end of this dark tunnel, the music that greets us will be just amazing. I can't guarantee that my music will be of that stature, but I'm giving it my best shot, which, come to think of it, is the only thing that matters. For the record, I've got a song of that name - "The Only Thing That Matters." I'll post it here some time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep working on the music, keep rocking.

- James

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